Doctors in AZ discuss rock star's release from hospital

(NBC) - Rock star and "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant Bret Michaels is out of the hospital. His recovery continues from a massive brain hemorrhage he suffered last month.

"He can walk, but he's not walking very well. He's talking, he's talking very well," says his neurosurgeon, Dr. Joseph Zabramski.

Doctors are pleased enough with the singer's recovery from an April 22 brain hemorrhage that they discharged him from a Phoenix hospital. There's no word though on when he was discharged or where he was taken.

Despite extensive tests, doctors still can't pinpoint the cause of Michaels' hemorrhage, but they do say it's unlikely it was caused by the blow to the head he suffered at last year's Tony Awards.

"If that had caused this hemorrhage, we would have seen damage to his blood vessels, but his blood vessels are perfectly normal," says Zabramski.

Doctors say Michaels is at minimal risk for another hemorrhage, but they will re-evaluate his condition in seven to 10 days.

Still up in the air is the singer's potential participation in the live finale of "The Celebrity Apprentice" on May 23.

Michaels is one of six remaining contestants in the series, which was taped last fall. The doctors say Michaels' recovery is slowed somewhat by his diabetes.

It prevents the doctors from administering steroids that would ease the neck and back pain he's suffering from the hemorrhaged blood that's dissolving in his system.

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