Receding floodwaters expected to reveal more victims

(NBC) - Weekend storms are now blamed for more than two dozen deaths in the Mid-South, and there's concern the death toll could go even higher.

In Tennessee alone, more than half the counties have been declared disaster areas as much of the state is underwater. Thousands of homes and businesses are damaged or destroyed.

All of this is the result of more than 12 inches of rain over the weekend in parts of Mississippi, Kentucky and Tennessee. Hundreds of roads remain closed, forcing boat rescues of many of the thousands who were stranded.

The Cumberland River that winds through Nashville crested at a record high yesterday. Water spilled from its banks into several city blocks of the downtown tourist district.

"It's just really sad, my heart goes out to everyone who lost so much," says Nashville resident Debra Fernau.

The Grand Ole Opry Hotel complex, the NFL football stadium, and the symphony center are among buildings deluged with floodwater.

Crews are working 12 hour shifts to restore power to thousands of customers.

In Mississippi, the cleanup continues after a suspected tornado ripped through one neighborhood.  Flooding continues in Kentucky for miles and miles.

Many people said they knew heavy rain was in the forecast, but they were caught off guard that so much came so quickly.

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