Gulf spill could soon make its way into the Atlantic

(NBC) - Oil is still flowing from the crippled Deepwater Horizon well. The massive slick is still growing with no clear sign of when or where it will go.

Residents of the Gulf Coast are waiting to see when the winds and the currents it will push the toxic mess. They're also waiting for crews to finish work on the latest attempt to cap the well.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, meanwhile, has issued a call for British Petroleum, the owner of the well, to do more to aid the cleanup effort.

"Our local leaders have stepped up, they've filled the gap," he said. "What is important now is for BP is to fund them, the Coast Guard to approve them so we can continue to do everything we can to protect our fragile wetlands, our fragile coastline."

The technology being used to attempt to cap the well has been used successfully in the past, but never at the same extreme depth as the Deepwater Horizon site.  

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