Severe weather wreaks havoc on parts Southeast

Nashville, TN - (NBC) - Torrential storms pounded parts of the Southeast over the weekend.

Heavy rains caused rivers to overflow into neighborhoods across the Tennessee, leaving at least seven people dead. Some residents had to be rescued, as severe flooding buried their homes underwater.

The fury of the storm targeted northern Mississippi first. The same system then set its rage on Nashville and surrounding areas. Seven people died as the Cumberland River and nearby creeks rushed into neighborhoods.

"This has actually been in the last 24 hours the most rain this city has ever received since they've been recording, monitoring or receiving, so it has been quite an event," said Nashville Mayor Karl Dean.

Flash floods turned roads into rivers leaving cars submerged. A portable classroom looked more like a boat floating downstream before falling apart. Relentless winds created a multi-car pileup in one front yard.

Mother Nature showed little mercy, but complete strangers did.

"I saw this little girl and her aunt in the water and no one was helping them so I grabbed the little girl," said one man.

The entire area is under a state of emergency and residents were warned to not travel unless absolutely necessary.

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