Video could lead investigators to attempted bombing suspect

(NBC) - A bomb was found in New York City's Times Square at the height of dinner hour Saturday evening before theatergoers headed to Broadway shows.

Homeland Security and New York City officials are grappling with whether this is a possible homegrown terrorist or the work of a terror group abroad.

Police may be close to identifying a person of interest connected to the attempted car bombing. Investigators say they have surveillance video showing a white male in his 40s near the SUV packed with explosives.

"He also was seen shedding a dark colored shirt, revealing a red one underneath. He put the darker one into a bag that he was carrying," said New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

New York Police are not certain yet, but say the 1993 Nissan filled with amateur bombing devices had the potential to kill.

Alert street vendors and police spotted the vehicle Saturday night.

Sunday night Mayor Michael Bloomberg had dinner with the officer that responded first and called him a hero

"Officer Rhatigan did exactly what he was trained to do," said Bloomberg.

Inside the car, police found propane tanks, gasoline containers, timers and dozens of powerful M-88 firecrackers stored inside a huge gun locker along with 100 pounds of non-flammable fertilizer.

The incident closed off much of Times Square for 10 hours. Now, investigators are pouring over a treasure trove of evidence, including fingerprints lifted from the SUV.

Police are also talking with a tourist who was in Times Square Saturday night who may have taken home video of the suspect.

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