No English, no license

(NBC) – Alabama gubernatorial candidate Tim James is pledging to make the state's driver's license test offered only in English.

Right now, the electronic exam is offered in a total of 12 languages.

James told NBC affiliate WVTM that when he learned of the variety of languages four months ago he thought it was an example of political correctness growing out of control.

So he decided to incorporate it into his campaign theme of 'common sense.'

Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama Executive Director Isabel Rubio said James' proposal will not only give the state a bad image but hurt Alabama's economy.

She claimed some international companies, or their employees, may choose to not relocate to the state because they might feel unwelcome.

Political science professor Natalie Davis believes the ad helps James make a name for himself in a crowded Republican field seeking the governor's office.

She also feels the risk of offending the Hispanic community will likely not hurt James at the polls in a conservative state like Alabama.

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