Oil beginning to wash ashore along Gulf Coast

(NBC) - Overnight, oil from the massive slick, reached the Louisiana marshlands.

"We are deploying as if this would be a major incident," said Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano

On Friday, a team of cabinet secretaries sent to the region by President Obama will direct the clean-up effort.

"My administration will continue to use every available resource at our disposable including the Department of Defense to address the incident," said Obama

That possible military presence could include ships, planes and satellites already being staged to deploy to the area.

National Guard troops are also on stand-by, and could be a part of the on-shore clean up. A process that could get significantly worse if crews can't contain the leak that is pushing as much as 5,000 barrels of oil to the surface every day.

Later Friday, drilling is expected to begin on a relief well to ease the pressure forcing oil from the collapsed deepwater horizon rig, but that process could take 90-days, too long for most here.

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