Check out the latest in vending machine technology

(NBC) - Vending machines are going high tech and changing right before our eyes. Many of the latest models now work like giant iPods.

Name the product, and you will find a machine at the National Automatic Merchandising Association show ready to sell it to you like cotton candy.

"What you're looking at is 70 calories or less. 25 grams of sugar. When it's made fresh like this it's not sticky so you are not walking around with a sticky mess," said Marty Smith of Cotton Candy Vending.

The machine makes it for you while you wait. Most vending machines will tell you what they have inside but the latest machines do it with high technology and a little bit of flair. If I want Doritos I can touch the bag and learn everything about the product on the screen.

This joint venture by Kraft, Samsung and Crane is as easy to use as a giant iPad. Coca-Cola has the same idea combining advertising and selling with its new interactive vendor machine.

"You can actually stop the bottle. Or if you want you can actually interact with the bottle. And this is just the first step in what we hope is many steps in the generations of the machines. Cause you can come in and do a little more than just purchase a product," said Jeffrey Busch of Coca-Cola.

Even the plain old vending machine is getting a new face with interactive screens, but when it comes to high tech, how about a machine that sells video games and iPods?

One company is even working on a new twist on the movie rental business downloading flicks to memory sticks.

"You make a selection, ideally a new release, but you are never out of stock," said James Winsor of automated vending technologies.

What you want when you want it quarters no longer required.

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