Battle brews between parents and tweens over "appropriate" dress

(NBC)- In homes across the country there's a battle going on between parents and their pre-teen! Don't believe it?

Just ask 12 year old Paige Wilson and 13 year old Leah Dudley.

For Paige, it's pants. "Oh, skinny jeans!"

But mom Kim Wilson isn't too thrilled about them. "I just think they're immodest. I think they're way too tight. I think it's not leaving enough to the imagination, it just does not look appropriate to me."

"I love clothes!" Leah says.

"Oh we couldn't be more opposites. I'm more conservative, athletic and Leah wants to wear the classic trends that are going and kinda fit in with the crowd," Leah's mother, Debbie Cortes says.

But are the clothes some tweens want to wear, midriff tops, torn jeans, and slinky dresses, quickly becoming inappropriate?

"'Cheap' is the only word that comes to mind and I don't like that at all," Cortes says.

So where's the middle ground? Cyndi Woytek, General Manager of the Temple Dillard's says finding it is easier than you think.

"So often the kids want to wear the distress denim and when you actually look at this, where technically it's ripped when we see it in other areas of the building, it's actually sewn shut," Woytek says.

The short skirt she wants to wear can be paired with leggings. The animal print that mom likes comes in age appropriate designs for her daughter. There's even a solution for those strappy dresses.

"You can always add a shrug to it to make it appropriate to wear it wherever you need," Woytek says.

Practical solutions that can keep both parents and their tweens happy, and in style.

"In life you always need to know the appropriate way to dress and I teach both of my kids that so in the long run I hope that she will not only dress always modestly but appropriate for the occasion as well," Wilson says.

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