Users control this computer with the sound of their voice.

(NBC) - The power of your computer-on your head.

That's the idea behind Golden-I, a hands-free wireless mini-computer.

It comes from Kopin, a Massachusetts based company that specializes in ultra-small LCD displays and nanotechnology.

The company gave users a preview Wednesday at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.

"So you can navigate by speaking the commands you see under the icons," said Stephen Pombo of Kopin.

With Golden-I, you wear a headset with a tiny screen in front of one eye.

The company said what you actually see looks like a 15-inch monitor.

It's powered by an internal battery that lasts about eight hours.

You can connect to your home or business computer using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology, and do almost anything you can with a traditional computer, plus it's controlled by your voice.

"Touch pad is not hands free. You still need to touch. This is voice. It comes in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese," said John C.C. Fan, founder and CEO of Kopin.

Fan started Kopin in 1985 after doing research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

More than two decades later, Golden-I is being introduced to the world.

"It has a little computer inside so it's like a moveable, wearable computer.

You also can go to the Internet.

Thorough the Internet you can get the whole world at your fingertips," Fan said.

Kopin is still finalizing the product, but the company is already working on applications for law enforcement, construction and medicine.

Golden-I is set to this the market sometime next year.

By then the company says it will be even smaller and lighter.

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