Student: Threatening letter at St. James High a 'joke'

Horry County, SC - MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) - Police in Horry County say a threatening note is what sparked a Hazmat situation at St. James High School on Thursday afternoon.

According to an official police report, officers responded to St. James High School just after 3:15 p.m. to investigate reports of a suspicious note.

The school's principal told police four students walked into the front office and said they found a note with the word "bomb" written at the top. The note further stated that it had been laced with anthrax and the receiver would die a "slow and painful death." Police say the threat was written backwards, and could only be read with the help of a mirror.

A student said they found the note laying on the floor of their second period class, and was not aware of what it said until fourth period. The student showed the note to three others before an assistant principal, who then took it to the school nurse to be placed in a Hazmat bag.

Horry County Police say the suspect's name was written at the bottom of the note, allowing for a quick identification of the author. The suspect told officials the letter was a joke between friends and it should have been tossed in the trash.

The victims involved in the incident, according to police, did not suffer any illness and were not exposed to a toxic substance. Further testing of the letter by Horry County Police revealed no residue or powder was present on the letter.

No charges have been filed in connection to the incident.

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