5 "Down West Boys" plead guilty to drug, robbery charges

Marlboro County, SC - MARLBORO COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Five members of the "Down West Boys" arrested in a nine-month investigation in Marlboro County have pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court Wednesday.

The Marlboro County Sheriff's Office says the arrests stem from a July 2009 investigation into the street gang that has ties to the Folks and Crips. Charges pressed against the five defendants, according to officials, ranged from drug conspiracy, firearms charges and robberies dating back to 2004.

"This should serve as notice to gang members that in Marlboro County, law enforcement are going to work together at the state, local and federal level to combat drugs and gang violence," said Marlboro County Sheriff Fred Knight.

The following defendants pleaded guilty to a drug conspiracy charge and are facing the following sentences:

  • Marlon "Fish" Hasty - 20 years to life in prison
  • DeMario "Dee" Hasty - 10 years to life in prison
  • James Luther "Little Nitty" McLean - 20 years to life in prison
  • Patrick Bostic "Big Pat" Broughton - 10 years to life in prison
  • Lokheim Campbell - Maximum of 20 years in prison with another possible seven years for possession of a handgun in the furtherance of a violent crime.

Officials say the drug conspiracy charges against the five defendants allege that since 2004, all have conspired to distribute or help distribute more than 50 grams of crack cocaine.

Two other people involved in the indictment have not made a plea as of Wednesday. The Marlboro County Sheriff's Office was assisted by the Bennettsville Police Department and FBI in the investigation.

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