iPhone app helps you track calories and weight loss

(NBC) - If you are trying to lose weight, and having a hard time keeping track of the calories you consume and the calories you burn there is help

There are a number of applications for the iPhone, iTouch or iPad that help you track your daily diet doings. One of the most popular is the free "Lose It" app.

Plug in your current weight and how much you want to weigh and "Lose It" gives you a daily calorie budget. It has thousands of items in its data base so you simply enter the food you ate and the application will tell you how many calories you consumed.

Follow the same steps to log your workout.

With each entry you can monitor your daily calorie budget for the day. There are similar applications, both free and not, available on the Internet.

Simply search the Internet for "weight loss applications" and pick which one you want.

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