Newborn miniature horse may be smallest in the world

(NBC) – A newborn New Hampshire horse will likely never be a Kentucky Derby winner, but the pint-sized pony is already winning hearts.

The newborn named Einstein may be the tiniest in the world, standing at just over 14 inches high and weighs in at about six pounds.

Judy Smith, the owner of the miniature horse farm, says the average baby miniature horse stands about 21 inches tall.

"He started wiggling around and we started rubbing him with a towel and he became active and in 20 minutes he stood up and he was trying to nurse," Smith said.

But nursing can be hard for a pint-size pony.

"We had to help him at first because he couldn't reach, he was so little," Smith said.

The small stud caught the eye of Charlie Cantrell and Dr. Rachel Wagner, who are now Einstein's proud owners.

"Oh my goodness, I couldn't believe a horse was this small and it wasn't premature, it was three days after term, so this little baby horse was so beautiful," Cantrell said.

The couple says Einstein will continue to live on the farm where he was born.

There is no way to know now how much Einstein will grow, but despite his small size, his owners say he's got a large personality.

"When you hold him he'll just put his head down on your arm and close his eyes, he just loves the attention," Wagner said.

Even though he's just a few days old, the short-stature pony is becoming quite the star.

"He's bringing joy internationally right now and that makes me really excited, like a proud parent," Wagner said.

A horse named Thumbelina is the current Guinness World Record holder and she weighed about eight-and-a-half pounds at birth.

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