Classrooms go high-tech with new question-and-answer system

Ohio - (NBC) - Students at Ohio's Hartville Elementary School are using clickers instead of raising their hands.

The clickers, better known as the Student Response System, are made by the company E-Instruction and were funded by the school's parent-teacher organization.

When students are given a question, they use the clicker to choose the right answer. The teacher is then able to see the percentage of students who got the answer right.

"I get to see all of their answers so much quicker to collect data, and it's huge," said teacher Melissa Dills.

She is also able to look at each individual student's answer to find out who is struggling in the class.

"The kids are embracing the technology, when they are plugged in at home. We need to have them plugged in at school," said Principal Gary Kandel.

The Student Response System can also ask survey questions of the students, such as, whether or not they have ever been bullied.

The Lake Local Schools are using this technology in most of their elementary classes, and they are incorporating texting into their high school classes as well.

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