Most expensive house in the world now for sale

(NBC) - According to Forbes, there are only five houses in the world on the market for $100 million or more. But one house in southern California tops them all.

It belongs to the widow of Hollywood producer Aaron Spelling.

"I'm selling this house because it's just too big for me," said Candy Spelling.

That may be the biggest understatement in real estate. Mrs. Spelling is selling her home for the asking price of $150 million. It's the most expensive home for sale in the world. It may also be the biggest.

Simply called "The Manor," the house is so big, Mrs. Spelling isn't sure how many rooms there are. It is 56,500 square feet, not including the attic, another 17,000 square feet.

There are several rooms, 27 bathrooms, a screening room where paintings reveal projectors and a theater-sized screen rises from the carpet.

There's a grand staircase based on Gone with the Wind, a bowling alley, a library housing scripts from famous Spelling shows like Charles Angels and Dynasty. There are even custom made doggie doors.

The Spellings built the home in 1991 on five acres, which included Bing Crosby's old estate.

Roof problems during construction led to a lawsuit, but the home now appears to be in pristine condition.

Candy Spelling has no mortgage; she says her husband never believed in them, so she can wait for the right buyer looking to entertain in a home bigger than the White House.

So what does it cost to keep up a place like this?

"I have to tell you I won't give you the exact amount - it's a lot," said Spelling.

Published reports say the house cost $48 million to build 20 years ago. If it sells for $150 million, property taxes would start at $1.5 million.

Then there's the insurance, though Candy Spelling says the house is on rollers and got through the 1994 Northridge Quake without a crack.

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