Tanning salons will soon pay a federal tax

(NBC) - For many, tanning indoors is a luxury and some even call it a necessity. Beginning in July, tanning salons will pay an additional 10 percent tax.

"I like a darker look, I'm not into the whole paleness thing," said tanner Jennifer Varner.

The federal tax is designed to pay for President Barack Obama's $940 billion healthcare.

Suntanna owner John Walker is talking about the 10 percent tax customers will be forced to pay starting in July.

"What else can it do?" Walker asked. "Ten percent - you know that's a lot."

Walker says he expects the tax to be more harmful than helpful on his business.

Some say turning off the lights on a tanning bed could mean using more harmful solutions like the sun; others say it's not too much to pay.

"Obama was elected President and there's nothing I can do to change that so that's just something I'll have to deal with," said tanner Callie Blake.

The Joint Committee on Taxation predicts the tax that starts in July will generate $2.7 billion in the next decade.

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