Fast detective work helps woman recover priceless engagement ring

Portland, OR - (NBC) - A Portland, OR, woman who lost her engagement ring after leaving it in a public bathroom won't have to get married barehanded, thanks to solid detective work by a Portland Police investigator who was assigned to her case.

Angela Kaiser walked into the bathroom at the Providence ALS Center with more than $7,000 in jewels.

It took her about 20 minutes to realize she'd left the treasure back on the sink.

She called hospital security and Portland Police, who assigned Special Investigator Jordan Zaitz to help the bride-to-be recover the two rings.

Turns out another woman had walked in, found the rings and pocketed them.

"The victim was very distraught about the loss of the rings and had resigned herself to the fact that she would never get the rings back. However, Providence Security assisted her and found that she had a photograph of the ring," Detective Mary Wheat said.

With the photo, Officer Zaitz was able to contact metro area pawn shops and offer specifics about the rings.

One pawn shop owner called back to say that a woman had come in for appraisal of a ring that matched the police report.

Police were able to track the woman downtown, Wheat said, but she only had one ring.

The second one had made its way to Southeast Portland and was in the possession of another woman.

Zaitz and Providence security personnel were able to track down the other woman and retrieve the second ring, too.

When they arrived to present the woman with her rings, Wheat said there wasn't a dry eye in the room."

Wheat added that the story illustrates the importance of always filing a police report and keeping photographs of your valuables.

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