Consider This - Teacher Cuts

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

It seems there is a crisis across America where school districts are slashing teacher positions due to the economic slump and budget crisis. But is that really the best option for savings and expense management? My answer would be 'No!'

Consider This: If you take a look at the budget for most school districts, including the districts in our viewing area, you'll find the administration at the county level in numerous districts is bloated and many of the salaries are out of line with the job responsibilities. Why not cut some of those positions or reduce the compensation rather than cut back in the teaching ranks?

The teachers have a direct impact on the quality of the education, and cutting those positions should be the last option for expense reduction. Streamline at the county management level where many job positions could be consolidated for more efficient, more productive operations. But leave the teachers and other school level employees alone! The education of these children, our future leaders, is too important to compromise. Find the expense savings elsewhere - a good start would be at the county administrative level!

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