Community fans say favorite part of the show is last 30 seconds

(NBC) - After a couple of weeks away, the NBC comedy "Community" returns with a new episode Thursday. The show has already been renewed for next season, and as much as fans may be enjoying it, what often gets them buzzing is what goes on in the final 30 seconds each week.

That's when cast member Danny Pudi, who plays Abed, gets extra play time with castmate Donald Glover, who plays Troy. They engage in simple shenanigans over the closing credits.

"It really takes you more into the world of Greendale of Abed and Troy," said Pudi. "It almost feels like we're shooting a web video at home with buddies."

In fact, the very first "tag" became a viral hit on the internet. It was a nonsense rap performed in Spanish by Pudi and Glover.

It started with a phrase, which translated in English, meant "Where is the library?" It went on to include other phrases including one whose English translation was "The goat's moustache is Cameron Diaz!"

For Glover, the tags are familiar.

"I got my start doing Youtube stuff," he said. "It's really nice to have that. It makes me feel at home."

The show's writers provide random ideas for the tags and they rarely have anything to do with the episode itself. Not much time is spent on the tags.

"We'll just do it a couple of times and see what happens," said Pudi.

"The best part about it is, they let us improv a lot," Glover added.

Tags have featured bits as random as a water gun fight, the actors trapped in a vending machine, and their imitation of Ernie and Bert from "Sesame Street."

Still, the first one, nicknamed "La Biblioteca" remains special.

"It was the first one of course," said Pudi, "and like any first, you always remember it."

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