Unemployed office workers find work as exotic dancers

(NBC) - It's a brutal economy, but one industry is hiring and paying well, flooded with applications from young mothers and women who have been downsized out of office jobs: exotic dancing.

They are women who live in your neighborhood, woman you may have worked with at your office, working moms who had good careers.

Now out of desperation, they have become strippers to pay the .

One Detroit dancer says she lost her job at a local university.

"They did some layoffs like everyone else and I was one of the unfortunate people that got let go," she explains.

As a young mother, dancing for money was the last thing on her mind, but she was repeatedly turned down for other jobs, mainly because she was overqualified.

Out of work and with bills mounting she did something she never thought possible: applied to be a dancer at a strip club.

She got the job, and its more than paying the bills.

At $1,000-1,500 dollars a week she will clear $60,000 this year.

She's not alone.

Club owners and managers say everyday woman out of work are showing up week after week to apply for exotic dancing jobs.

"Middle class, professional business women, housewives, women who have lost their jobs or been laid off and can not find work. They're coming in to us saying 'I need a job'," says Catsman Enterprises Manager Nancy Vasko.

While they lack experience, they are good for business.

Customers have been coming back more frequently as first time dancers hit the stage.

Business owners say they are averaging 150 calls every time they post an opening for dancers, and say most women just inquire at first, but once their unemployment benefits run out, they are ready to go to work to help feed the family.

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