Barefoot Bridge to undergo construction

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH (WMBF) - The Barefoot Bridge is scheduled to undergo construction for some restoration work including paint and other repairs. 
However, since the two lane bridge serves as the main entrance and exit for residents in the Barefoot Resort community, some people living there say they have some concerns.
"We received an email notice from our condo association about the planned painting of the bridge, and now there's actually been a couple follow up notices," explained Alan Patterson, a Barefoot resident.  "It just seems so strange that they'd be choosing to do this at the peak of tourist season. That's just incredible to me."
Patterson, along with his wife, were among the hundreds of families that were displaced during the Horry County wildfire last year. 
"We were down here during the fire and that was our big surprise of a year ago," explained Patterson.
With the images of fire engines and emergency crews dashing across the bridge still vivid in many people's minds, some residents like Tim Warren say they also have safety concerns with this construction. Should a serious emergency occur in the Barefoot community, EMS crews would be forced to take Watertower Road into the community, jeopardizing response times.
"If someone does have an emergency and they have to get out, it's much further mileage wise to get to the hospital," said Warren.
Nicole Aiello, spokeswoman for the city, says they will be working closely with contractors to address the concerns of residents.
"The city is definitely sensitive to the fact that there's only two ways into Barefoot. This construction will only leave one way out," said Aiello.  "We will be working closely with the contractors to ensure things are done in the best interests of the residents."

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