OH cousins sink consecutive hole-in-ones

Grove City, OH - (NBC) - A golf game turned into a huge celebration for two cousins in Ohio. What they accomplished on the golf course literally defied the odds.

Cousins William and Cody Robbins were out with their usual foursome at Pinnacle Golf Club in Grove City, OH. They arrived at the par three, fifth hole when their "average" day ended.

"All of us debating on what to hit because of wind... Decided to hit 5 iron, looked good, next thing we knew it disappeared, blew my mind," William Robbins said.

"We had a huge celebration after he hit it and I'm shaking, I said to group how am I supposed to follow that. But I hit it, strike it pure, it just flew in the hole," said Cody Robbins.

The evidence? You can see where Cody's ball nicked the flag stick and chipped the cup and four witnesses shared in the celebration.

"I told him we just saw something special," said golfing buddy and witness Bronson Mallett.

The odds of an average golfer making a hole-in-one are about 1 in 12,000. But to figure out what the odds would be of consecutive holes in one, a little math is needed. According to Golf Digest, that number is 1 in 17 million.

"This is something we'll never forget, remember that day 50 years ago at pinnacle No. 5, we're real close anyway," said Cody Robbins.

"We've always kind of considered each other brothers, and doing this made it final," explained Cody Robbins.

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