Does It Work: Micro S'mores

(KPLC) – If you're a fan of s'mores any time of the year and want a quick way to assemble the treat at home, then the Micro S'mores microwaveable s'more maker may be just what you are looking for. But does it work?

The unit has a base for treat assembly and a top which covers the s'more. The plunger is what makes the whole thing work. All of the ingredients of the s'more stay the same. The assembly process order changes slightly. Instead of roasting your marshmallow first and then assembling, you put the graham cracker bottom, the chocolate, the marshmallow, and the graham cracker together first on the base of the Micro S'mores. Then the top is placed on the base and into the microwave it goes.

Before heating, we notice the plunger extends up all the way. This could be problematic in a smaller microwave. Once in the microwave, it's only 10 seconds to heat. This first one had a bit of a marshmallow blowout, but altogether it looks to have worked well. We cooked a few additional s'mores, but adjusted the time to 8-9 seconds. Each marshmallow melted differently, but each trial was successful.

We wondered if we could just cook one on a plate, so we tired heating a s'more without the lid. The expanding marshmallow disassembled the s'more, so the plunger does play an important role.

We took a tray of the s'mores around for reactions and didn't seem to find anyone disappointed by the microwaveable s'mores, despite some commenting that they miss the crunch of a roasted marshmallow.

The Micro S'mores melts away to a YES for this week's "Does it Work" test. We ordered our Micro S'mores online for $9.99, plus shipping.

Web Extra: The Micro S'mores was easy to clean up. Most of the ingredients are sugar based, so warm water and soap make for a quick clean. It says it's dishwasher safe.

In some cases our chocolate melted enough to run, so watch out for that when heating. We used a 1,600-watt microwave for this test.

The kit comes with a recipe book with 24 recipes for variations on the traditional treat.

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