Gun rights supporters march for right to bear arms responsibly

(NBC) - There's a big pro-gun rally happening in Washington DC where, ironically, guns are not allowed. There will also be another one right across the river in Virginia where guns are legal.

Supporters say it's time to fight for their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms responsibly.The march follows pro-gun rallies all over the country. Supporters say just because they're armed doesn't mean they're dangerous.

"Don't put us in a category with bullies and thugs," Nancy Jackson of Littleville, MI said. "We're not. We're everyday citizens protecting our families."

Skip Coryell, founder of 2nd Amendment March, added, "We're not coming here with guns."

The organizer says this rally will be peaceful. Respecting DC's ban on handguns, but promoting the constitutional right to bear arms.

"The second amendment has nothing to do with guns…nothing to do with guns. It has to do with freedom," said Coryell.

But one constitutional expert says the wrong group is bending Washington's ear today.

Elizabeth Wydra of the Constitutional Accountability Center said, "It should be the gun control advocates who have not really gotten a lot of movement from this administration or Congress."

The Obama Administration has allowed guns in national parks and on trains. The Supreme Court is expected to rule soon on whether state and city laws have to follow the second amendment.

But in DC, where guns just led to the city's biggest mass shooting in nearly two decades, there's concern about fewer restrictions.

Nardyne Jeffries, a victim's mother, said "My child barely weighed 100 pounds, shot with an AK-47. Go to see her, neck all wide open, bullets all in her body. It's just senseless."

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