Movement underway to ban fast-food kid meal toys

Santa Clara County, CA - (NBC) - Most kids love kids' meals at fast food restaurants, and they're easy for parents too, but one California politician wants to ban them in his county because he thinks they make kids fat.

"We're talking a very serious health issue," Ken Yeager, of the Santa Clara Board of Supervisors, said. "In Santa Clara County, childhood obesity is such a major issue."

That's why Yeager asked county staff to draw up a law that would limit restaurants' ability to offer a toy as incentive to buy a less-than-healthy meal.

"The fast food industry is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on these advertising campaigns to get kids to go into the restaurants and these kids have no idea the amount of calories and the poor nutrition in these meals," Yeager said.

Many say this really isn't something government should be meddling in, to which Yeager says it kind of already does.

He thinks unhealthy food is just as much a threat to children's health as alcohol and cigarettes and there are laws which prevent people marketing those products to children, so why not the same for fatty foods?

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