Knight, Boeheim in favor of tournament expansion

Myrtle Beach, SC - By Justin Felder - bio | email

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – In addition to sharing knowledge with hundreds of coaches, several icons of college basketball weighed in on one of the most controversial topics in their sport today.

Hall of Fame coach Bob Knight and current Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim each spoke at the Nike Championship Basketball Clinic in Myrtle Beach. Boeheim spoke about his famous zone defense and Knight talked about zone offense.

Both also voiced their support of the idea of expanding the NCAA Tournament from 64 teams. Knight, who coached Indiana to three national titles, would like to see the postseason field double if it was to expand.

"I'd play with 128 teams so you play 64 games and in one day you're down to what you have right now," said Knight. "That way, nobody should complain. I don't like 96 teams because you give 32 teams a bye. I think everyone should play the same number of games."

Boeheim said it seems like expansion is coming. He said there are many reasons for the expansion and does not share fans' concerns that it could hurt March Madness' excitement and appeal.

"The bottom line is after one round, you'll end up with the 64 best teams," said Boeheim. "This tournament's been expanded 7 times. It's still great and it will be great again."

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