Pie shop serves up sweet treat- jobs

GEORGETOWN COUNTY,SC (WMBF) – Almost 100 people will be back on the job soon. The Charleston Pie Man is opening up shop in Georgetown County. The company held a job fair on Saturday  looking for workers.

Jeronia Smith is just one of hundred that showed up hoping for a job in the pie shop kitchen. Smith has been looking for a job for almost a year, and says though she has applied for over 15 jobs- times are tough. "It's very hard to find a job these days," she said.

The opening of the shop comes at a good time, and unemployment rates continue to bounce around.

Jeffery Ward was at the job fair on behalf of the South Carolina Employment Security Commission. "We're seeing signs that the economy is coming back," he said. "And then we are seeing signs that it's like an elevator right now but hopefully The Charleston Pie Man is going to put some people back in the work force."

Toby Simmons created the company from scratch, just like his pies, and he says it can only get better from here.

"We may start with 80 employees today but a couple years from now we could have 600 employees," he said. "Because we are building a company that can mass produce pies for the nation, and that's not a small outfit."

Smith just hopes her search comes with a sweet ending, "Hopefully I'll have a job here and won't have to look no more."

Simmons hopes to have a full staff in place by May15th.

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