Does It Work: Potty-training devices tested

(KFVS) - The business of getting toddlers to do their business in the potty isn't the easiest task. So we took two products to a daycare for this Does It Work test.

Our testers, Serenity and Martez, are both 2 years old and haven't had much luck keeping dry.

"Martez is full of energy and it takes a lot to keep him on task," says one of the instructors.

So we have the Potty Pony Pals, which is specially-designed underwear that comes with an animated DVD to make potty training fun. We also tested the Potty Flip, a disposable cardboard potty that makes potty time, any time.

Like the instructions say, we had the kids sit quietly, without any distractions to watch the DVD. Turns out the video wasn't exactly the center of attention for our toddlers, who had other plans.

But we left the Potty Pony with Serenity's mom to see whether she took to this potty training method.

For two and a half weeks, our testers did their best. As for the Potty Flip, we tried it right on the spot. Out on the playground, Martez let the teachers know he was ready to go.

He did his business in the porta potty. All we had to do was wrap it up and throw it out. So we hit our mark with that one.

What about Serenity's Potty Pony pals we gave to mom two and a half weeks ago?

"She watched the movie all the time. She liked it. It made her use the bathroom!"

And she even knew to wash her hands. Mom's only complaint: you had to also keep washing the one pair of panties.

"They need to sell a few, like a couple in a packet."

In all, both products worked for these children and both earn an A. You can find both at numerous online sites ranging in price.

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