Burger King workers busted after spitting on cop's Whopper

Vancouver, WA - (NBC) - Two Burger King employees have been fired for spitting in an Oregon sheriff deputy's burger.

Clark County Sheriff's Deputy Edward Blysma filed a lawsuit in federal court Tuesday. He claims that he found the spit on his Whopper after receiving the sandwich at a Vancouver, Washington Burger King operated by franchisee Kaizen Restaurants.

Blysma tested the sample and found a match in his department's DNA database.

Kaizen investigated the incident after Blysma complained and ultimately fired two employees.

One of them was Gary Herb, the man whose DNA matched the phlegm in Blysma's sandwich.

On Wednesday, Burger King and Kaizen issued a statement noting their "zero tolerance" for such actions. Blysma's suit alleges that the restaurant chain was negligent in its hiring and supervision practices.

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