Consider This - Diversity

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

The University of South Carolina Board of Trustees consists of 17 men and three women. This week the state legislature decided, fortunately, to appoint the board's lone African-American trustee to a full term.

Consider This: I believe the person who is the most qualified should be the person to receive the job and do not believe in a quota system. However, I do believe diversity is very important for all organizations. Whether it is male, female, black, white, Hispanic, Asian or any other ethnicity, diversity results in better policies and decisions.

USC's own mission statement begins with the words, "The primary mission of the University of South Carolina is the education of the state's diverse citizens..." An all-white board leading the flagship university of a state that is 31 percent non-white would not have been good policy.

Thank goodness the legislature made the wise choice with this selection. Hopefully, this is the first of many state board appointments where the group becomes more diverse. Not achieving that goal would be taking a significant step backwards.

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