Speed Patrol: Chenoa Drive, Murrells Inlet

Murrells Inlet, SC - By Jennifer Grove - bio | email

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) - After receiving an email from a viewer who was concerned about speeders in their neighborhood, WMBF News Speed Patrol headed out to Chenoa Drive in Murrells Inlet.

The road sits between Highway 707 and Tournament Drive.

"The cut-through is a big problem," the viewer wrote, "but also we have a lot of new people that fly down the street. We have more dogs than kids but enough of both to obey the speed limit of 15 mph."

Neighbor Brenda Bickford agrees.

"I'm out all day with my dog. It really gets bad in the afternoon/evening hours," she explained, noting that is when the speeds pick up and the children come out. "Usually the people, even the residents here go a little too fast."

The biggest concern is along a stretch where parking spaces sit along the roadway with walkers moving through and children darting in and out.

"Children might misperceive that it's safe here, but it's not safe because they're coming out," Donna Sheridan said. "They're smaller than the cars that are parked here so they're darting out and you don't see them till they're out."

Sheridan says she understands it can be hard as a driver to lay off the gas, but that is the only option if they want to keep the road safe.

"I think it's hard to manage 15 [mph] - 20 seems slow, so to go 15 seems very slow," Sheridan said. "But because I do know there are children here, that's why I do go slower."

With speed limit signs already posted along the street, neighbors and Home Owners Association members are working to come up with new solutions to the problem.

"Well, I think speed bumps are always good because it does cause you to slow down," Sheridan said.

"More signs," Bickford added. "Maybe have the police come through a little more often or something."

HOA President Ginger Reiter says the board recognizes the problem and they are looking into hiring Horry County Police to patrol the area for speeders, potentially add in speed humps along the roadway, or even gate the community to prevent people from using the road as a cut-through.

Whatever they decide to do, neighbors say they hope something changes soon before kids get out for the school year and more residents move back to the neighborhood to enjoy a summer near the beach.

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