Tea Party movement on the move

(NBC) – The approach of tax day, April 15, has energized the tea party movement.

As President Obama Wednesday celebrated what he says is the success of his stimulus plan and pushed for more regulation of banks, tea partiers vowed to vote democrats out of power.

The day before our federal taxes are due, tea party activists rallied in Boston, insisting taxes and spending are too high.

Sarah Palin blamed the democrats.

"Is this what their change is all about? I wanna tell 'em - nah, you know, we'll keep clinging to our constitution and our guns and religion and you can keep the change," said Palin.

At the White House, President Obama said his 700 billion dollar stimulus plan changed the course of the recession and cut taxes.

"What we're seeing I think is some significant improvement in the economy and stabilization," the President said.

He'd called in lawmakers to push his new plan, called Financial Stabilization Reform which calls for new controls on Wall Street, to prevent future bailouts.

"A unfettered market where people are taking huge risks and expecting taxpayers to bail them out when things go sour is simply not acceptable," said Mr. Obama.

Republicans agree. But they opposed the Obama stimulus plan and now oppose his reform package.

"It will lead to endless taxpayer bailouts of Wall Street banks," said republican Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

"It's all about more government, bigger programs here," said republican Congressman John Boehner of Ohio.

Government pigging out, pork, symbolized by real pigs was slammed by lawmakers outraged at earmarks. Home state pet projects slipped into bigger bills without taxpayers knowing.

"They're tired of taxes and they're tired of the wasteful unnecessary corrupting influence of ear marking and wasteful spending," said republican Senator John McCain of Arizona.

That will be tomorrow's theme, as the tea party movement heads south to the nation's capitol.

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