New shoe emulates barefoot running

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - One of the latest technologies in running equipment is called the barefoot running shoe.

The shoe is designed as a training tool, not a regular running shoe. The idea behind it is to emulate a natural stride, most often seen in children.

"The most natural form of running is watching someone under the age of 10," said Liz Young from Dave's Running Shop. "Go to a playground and watch them running. They're all up on the balls of their feet."

The shoe design takes the pressure off the heels, which is easier on the ankles and knees.

"When you're on that forefoot, the knee is flexed, and the hip is flexed," Young explained. "So the body works in a multitude of springs to cushion the body."

Podiatrist Dr. Ted Bowlus says runners who overuse them can get injuries from the top strap.

"It runs on the tendons on the top part of your foot, and that can create tendonitis," he said.

Bowlus also advises that runners not use the shoes to correct injuries. However, for healthy runners, the shoe can strengthen the stride and build up tendons.

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