Check out the new a Grand Prix motorcycle racing game MotoGP

(NBC) - The Grand Prix motorcycle racing circuit was born in the late 1940s in Europe and now, while still a rather niche sport in the U.S., the global appeal of motorcycle racing can be lived-out on the track in video game form.

Sometimes your need for speed requires only two wheels, and now, you can take that race online against up to 20 other competitors.

MotoGP 09/10 is the second such offering from Capcom and what's being delivered for console play - for the first time ever -- is 20-player online racing.

But before drafting online time trials and arcade modes await.

You'll notice the whirring of the engine can get extremely annoying but spend 10 seconds with the settings menu and you can tone it down� or turn it off completely.

There's a career mode to go with 18 Grand Prix races across 14 countries. And the game is true to the sports' technical nuances pairing the kind of races that correspond to the various engine sizes.

In the end, the game is really geared to the true motorcycle racing fan but, if you can learn to stay on the bike you might want to give it a spin.