Angry bar manager slashes customer's face after noise complaint

(NBC) – An Oklahoma City man is recovering after his nose was cut off during a bizarre attack at a bar.

The suspect, Adan Zapata, is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Police say Zapata, the bar's manager, thought the victim and his friends were making too much noise.

Zapata allegedly got mad, grabbed the 34-inch sword, chased the men outside and slashed one man in the face.

One witness thinks the victim is lucky to be alive.  "He was scared. He cried, 'Oh my nose, he cut my nose,'" says Israel Ramos.

"This individual was seriously injured. He was slashed on the shoulder, hand and on his face," said Oklahoma City Police Master Sgt. Gary Knight.

In addition to the assault charge Zapata faces a lesser citation for destroying private property. The victim's friend says doctors have used pieces of skin from his ear and forehead to try and fashion a new nose.

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