Electronic sign debate postponed in MB

Myrtle Beach, SC - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Leaders in Myrtle Beach have decided Tuesday to continue weighing their options before deciding to advance an ordinance that would allow businesses to display electronic signs outside of their buildings.

Myrtle Beach City Council members are debating the possible change at a Tuesday morning City Council Workshop. The second reading of the changeable message signage ordinance would allow such signs to be displayed in certain sections of Myrtle Beach city limits and under certain conditions.

While some council members say the flashy, colorful signs will take away from the charm of downtown Myrtle Beach, some people say they could help business along the heavily traveled Ocean Boulevard section of the city.

"It would be an improvement if the business owners would be willing to do it. It's be a huge market," said David Roach, of Myrtle Beach.

The biggest debate, however, comes down to location. While Ocean Boulevard may be a great place for the flare, the messages displayed could prove to be a costly and dangerous distraction for drivers who see a sign at every business.

As the ordinance currently stands, businesses could change their changeable copy signs to electronic message centers, but at a size no more than 40 percent of the sign face.

City council members were slated to vote on the second reading of the ordinance at a 2 p.m. Myrtle Beach City Council meeting, but have decided to postpone the vote pending further discussions on the issue.

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