Consider This - School resource officers

Myrtle Beach, SC - By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Are you kidding me? With a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars is there not another option to find some savings rather than cutting the funding for school resource officers?

Any businessperson knows you have to evaluate all areas when you are facing a shortfall in revenue and looking at potential budget cuts. However, some areas are off limits when that budget slashing takes place, and in this case, that should apply to the school resource officers.

Consider This: Some members of Horry County Council say this is just one of hundreds of options for potential savings. We understand that the budget process is in the preliminary stages and there will be many revisions over the coming weeks, but why include these positions as an option for reduced funding?

Unfortunately, schools have to deal with issues on a daily basis and many times they need a school resource officer's assistance. If Horry County cuts funding for these positions, and an incident takes place that could have been prevented by a resource officer, how quickly do you think that funding will be restored?

Keep the school resource officers in place and find the savings in other areas. Don't let a tragedy be the reason we somehow find the funding that should not have been cut in the first place.