Incisionless procedure for acid reflux

(NBC) - Acid reflux affects nearly 60 million Americans, but a new incisionless procedure is offing patients instant relief.

Two years ago Jerry Boyle began having chronic indigestion.

"Mostly after I ate, so just something was wrong," Boyle said.

He started taking pills to keep the symptoms away.  That's didn't solve the problem either.

"[I] couldn't have my Mexican food, couldn't eat what I wanted to eat," Boyle explained.

Plus, he couldn't sleep, so Boyle decided to try a new procedure promising complete relief from the condition called Esophyx.

Jerry McCarty did it just two months ago.  He suffered with acid reflux nearly 10 years before surgery. He said the procedure changed his life and with little to no pain at all.

"I mean if I can do it, I'm sure you can," McCarty said.

Dr. Glenn Ihde is one of only a few doctors who knows how to do the procedure.

"Reflux is a balance between the acid in the stomach and a valve at the end of the esophagus that keeps the acid in the stomach," explained Ihde.

Ihde said the surgery is incisionless and goes in the mouth and through the esophagus.

"The procedure works by improving the valve at the end of the esophagus. We pull tissue down and create a flap at the end of the esophagus that will close as the stomach descends," Ihde said.

That man-made flap keeps the acid from coming out of the stomach.

Boyle has just one hope after his day of surgery is done.

"When you interview me next time," Boyle said, "I'll be able to say how great it was."

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