Deputy placed on leave after shocking students

Lake County, CO - (NBC) - A Lake County, CO Sheriff's deputy was put on unpaid administrative leave on Thursday after he used a dry stun gun to shock 30 students.

The incident happened at a career fair at the Lake County High School in Leadville.  According to school administrators, the students asked the deputy to shock them so they knew what it felt like.

Two of the students received minor burns and were taken to a local hospital where they were treated and released.

A student says one female student was shocked seven times at her request.

School superintendent Betty Kokenes says she had no idea students were being shocked and is investigating if any teachers saw it happen.

"I believe it's not appropriate and it wasn't an authorized activity," said Kokenes.

A spokesperson for the Lake County Sheriff's Department says this is not a common practice and should not have happened.

Kokenes was told by Lake County Sheriff Ed Holt that the deputy designed a waiver while at the fair and asked students to sign it if they wanted to be shocked.

Betty Benson, Lake County Sheriff's spokesperson, says she does not believe it was an official document.

When asked if she thought that was ridiculous Benson said, "We haven't had that discussion yet, but that would be my opinion."

That waiver form has not been turned over to investigators.

One student who spoke with KUSA but did not want to be identified says he did not see the deputy ask students to sign a waiver. He says students just went up to him and asked if they could get shocked and the deputy agreed to.

"He didn't ask for anything. You just asked if you could do it. He said, 'Yeah.' We probably should have taken necessary steps, but I guess when you're in the moment, you're in the moment," the student said.

The student says the deputy should not be blamed for what happened. He says the students "begged" to be shocked.

A letter was sent out and a phone call was made to many parents letting them know about the situation. It also asked parents to check their children for any marks.

The case has been turned over to the Lake County District Attorney's office which will decide if the deputy will face any charges.

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