Alabama nightclub owner says he's being targeted by authorities

Foley, AL - (NBC) - A Foley, AL businessman says he's being discriminated against because he runs a bar catering to gay patrons.

City council members say Club Evolution should be shut down because of illegal activity, but the owner claims he's being harassed by police. Sixto Rivera says accusations against him and his gay night club are unfounded.

"I mean this bar has been on trial since day one," says Rivera.

According to a police report, a Foley undercover officer witnessed minors drinking alcohol at Club Evolution after the "last call." The officer also says he saw something x-rated.

"He also witnessed several incidents of sexual activity in the open area of the bar," Rivera read in the report.

It goes on to say two women engaged in sexual activity. Rivera says his bartenders and bouncers wouldn't let any of this happen.

According to the police report, the minor with alcohol said she got the drink from another table. The report also notes that bartenders would not sell drinks after hours to the undercover officer.

Police are not commenting on the report, saying they'll only discuss it at a scheduled public hearing April 19.

"It's come to that because of the hatred - because here I am, no citations, no violations, no arrests no tickets and no fights," said Rivera.

Rivera says he'll take on the challenge and hoping hundreds of people will come to the public hearing.

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