Does It Work: Flag Saver

(KFVS) - Tired of replacing flags you fly outside? The Flag Saver promises to cut down on the fraying, but does it work?

Wendell Watkins feels pride flying Old Glory, but knows it's not good flag etiquette to display a tattered and worn flag. So he bought a brand new one and hopes the Flag Saver device might just make the flag last a little longer.

"I guess if it keeps the wind away from it so much, it might help it," he said.

That is the idea. The inventor says the Flag Saver diverts some of the wind to cut down on the whipping. The clear, device mounts to your flagpole. Just clip it in.

Wendell thinks it'd be a lot easier to attach if you had the traditional flag and pulley system with snap clips rather than those that pry open. It'd give you more room to work with. Eventually, Wendell gets both the flag and Flag Saver mounted.

As he raises the flag, we both know the windy weather will make for a solid DIW test.

We left the Flag Saver with Wendell for almost a week. It held up during 40 mph wind gusts and a strong downpour. Wendell feels pretty confident the Flag Saver might just work over time.

"I put it up high enough," he said. "We'll find out."

It's also nice to see the Flag Saver doesn't take away from the beauty of the flag. It's acrylic, so it's tough to see on camera and in person, which is the idea. Remember, this will not work on flags that simply slip over a pole. You must have clips to keep the device in place.

"Let's a grade 'B' now, and then we'll give a final grade later," Wendell suggested.

We'll leave the Flag Saver with Wendell and possibly check in around the Fourth of July. In the meantime, we salute the $48 Flag Saver with a solid grade 'B'.

You can buy the Flag Saver online at

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