Doctor uses iPad to assist with surgery

(NBC) - Dr. Claudio Palma has what you'd expect to see in the operating room: needles, vials, and x-rays. But he also has something new that will likely make his fellow surgeons jealous: A brand new iPad - already hooked up to the operating room's wifi signal.

And it even works with the gloves on.

"Look, I'm looking at a spine here and I can zoom in to where the disc is herniated. I can pull it up and exactly measure what the canal size is, for herniation at," Palma said.

As techies all over the country snagged the first edition iPad, at least one of them quickly figured out a way to use it to help him perform spinal surgery.

The iPad is more portable than his desktop and has a much bigger screen than his iPhone.

"When I have to do medical reviews, they're all in here. I synchronize with my home. Obviously, iBooks. I haven't bought any books yet, but," Palma said.

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