Georgia House Speaker Ralston rakes in donations

Atlanta, GA - ATLANTA, GA (AP) - David Ralston - who ran for House speaker as a reformer looking to clean up the ethics mess at the state Capitol - raked in more campaign contributions in the 10 days before the legislative session began than he did throughout all of 2009.

Republicans selected Ralston as their nominee for speaker Dec. 17. Reports filed with the state Ethics Commission show that in the 3 1/2 weeks after he became the nominee and before the Jan. 11 start of the legislative session, Ralston's campaign warchest took in $137,550 in donations. Most of those - $131,300 - came in the first 10 days of January,

That's up from the $33,475 Republican from Blue Ridge raised for all of 2009.

State officials are barred from accepting contributions while the Legislature is meeting.

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