Past decision comes back to challenge NMB Council

North Myrtle Beach, SC - NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC - Despite a contract with the city, Ken Talbert, representative for North Beach Plantation, is challenging the requirement that his project should be responsible for burying utilities along 48th Avenue South.

He stated that the developer does not wish to comply with the requirement, and is asking for a workshop with Council to discuss the issue further, citing precedent established in the Robber's Roost PUD.

The North Myrtle Beach City Council approved the Robbers Roost Planned Unit Development (PUD) on March 17, 2008. The development agreement requires the developer to pay $500,000 towards burying utilities distributed over phases of the project.

City Public Works Director, Kevin Blayton advised that the cost to bury utilities along Hwy 17 would be around $1,000 per linear foot or approximately $3,380,000.

During the hearing on Robbers Roost, North Myrtle Beach Mayor Marilyn Hatley asked for clarifications on specific Planed Unit Developments (PUDs) and was told by City Attorney Chris Noury that "Surf Estates is required to bury utilities along Sea Mountain and North Beach Plantation has the same obligation along Hwy 17th and 48th Avenue."

Additionally, the Avista PUD, Towers on the Grove PUD and the Wyndham PUD were similarly obligated. They have completed projects to bury utilities along Ocean Boulevard.