Valuable wedding ring found in Oregon sewer line

Tigard, OR - (NBC) - The mystery began in a manhole. Senior utility worker for the City of Tigard, OR was using a hugely powerful vacuum truck to unclog a sewer line. To Ed Leniger it was just another day on the job.

"It was all routine up until the point where I saw the ring," said Leniger.

Not just any ring, but a very customized, very unique ring with lots of diamonds.

Tigard Public Works administrators are keeping the ring hidden in an envelope to filter out any false claims.

"They ought to be able to tell us what it looks like. We should be able to match it up with what we're seeing," said Brian Rager of Tigard Public Works.

Leniger is surprised he even saw the ring, as he discarded 900-gallons of gunk from his sewage truck.

He could've pocketed the discovery and made some money, but instead turned it in.

"I went through that scenario in my head and I was like, 'Well let's do the right thing, turn it in,'" said Leniger.

Leniger's bosses are impressed by his moral fortitude.

"I'm sure there are folks out there that would think if I'm willing to pick this up out of sewage then I ought to be able to keep it, but we're just hoping there could be a happy ending and I'd like to see Ed be able to give the ring to the person it belongs to," Rager said.

"That would give me pleasure right there. Just to see them walk out of here with a smile on their face saying I got it back," said Leniger.

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