Teams set world record in 31-hour dodge ball match

Albany, NY - (NBC) – Two Albany, NY dodge ball teams called it quits Tuesday afternoon after playing for more than 31 hours. The two teams played continuously setting the new Guinness Book world record.

"It's been ridiculous. Every hour is a new challenge, new celebration," Rob Immel said.

"For me I'm still pretty mentally aware right now. Physically I could use a little help," Jason VonGuinness said.

"Coffee, Red Bulls, water, granola bars. Everything we could think of and we're dragging out there. It's so tough. Every part of my body hurts," Immel said.

Immel and VonGuinness each run a local dodge ball league and together they came up with an idea which would make their teams dodge ball deity.

"Just to bring some attention to the sport, to push ourselves to the limit and who doesn't want to break a Guinness Book of World Record," Immel said.

"He said, 'Hey, why don't we join forces and create this amazing Guinness World Record Dodge ball marathon?' and I said yes," VonGuinness said.

As for doing something like this again, that's one question they won't dodge.

"There are some teams in Baltimore that already said, 'Whatever you set, we're going to break it.' There are teams out in California that said the same things. Good luck, you could have it. I'm done," Immel said with a smile.

Players say they're looking forward to a little sleep, a lot of ice and are not even thinking about playing another game for at least a few days.

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