Popular radio hosts visits Pee Dee with a message

Florence, SC - By Brandon Herring - bio | email

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – National radio personality Michael Baisden stopped in Florence Tuesday night on his campaign to encourage mentoring for young people.

The stop was part of Baisden's tour to the 72 radio markets where his radio show is broadcast.  The tour is called "One Million Mentors – National Campaign to Save Our Kids."

The stop in Florence was at Wilson High School.

"Obviously you all have the same problems here in Florence as we do in Chicago, so we wanted to take the tour national," Baisden said.

Zenobia Bostic came to hear Baisden talk about mentoring because she knows first-hand how important it is for children.

"When I was growing up I had different people in the neighborhood who kept me on the right track," Bostic said.

Spencer Scott feels the same way. He said having male mentors in his life taught him how to be a responsible and respectful man.

He now runs the Brittany Foundation, an organization to help children. So he spoke on Baisden's panel about the importance of reaching out to young people.

"We need a positive influence in our lives to stay positive because there are a lot of issues that arise that bring us down."

Baisden said mentoring is one way people can take an active and effective role in improving their communities. He said good mentors can often help children in ways parents may not.

"We're not giving [children] our time as parents first of all, because parents should be the first mentors, but we need men and women to get out here and get involved and spend time with these kids."

Of course, Baisden hopes the adults at Wilson High School Tuesday night will be inspired to become mentors, taking that inspiration onto the streets of Florence and into schools, churches, and homes.

"People need to stop shaking their heads watching the television when they hear the news about what these kids are doing wrong and get up off their behinds and do something about."

Bostic said she thinks having a popular figure such as Baisden will help get more mentors involved in the Florence area.

"Having a celebrity that really cares to get involved with our youth, it will motivate other people to get involved," Bostic said.

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