Moms do double duty as private investigators

(NBC) - Need a private investigator? You don't necessarily need to turn to those shadowy sleuths portrayed on the big screen.

"You learn to size people up when you have children and you want to protect them and you want to keep them safe," explained mother of two Michelle Allen.

Mom-to-be Angelica Howay says missions are a little trickier with her plus one.

"Now I have to pack water, fruit, vegetables," she explained. "So before it took me like 30 minutes to get out the door, now it takes me an hour."

Allen even joked about her minivan. "But it does have tinted windows."

So what's in the minivan of a PI mom? All the essentials: disguises, hairpieces and of course protein bars because you're not going to have a lunch break any time soon.

It's 0800 hours and the PI's are on the trail of a salesman for a major biotech firm. The company suspects he's slacking during work hours.

But first, a mommy 911. Michelle's daughter missed her bus.

The multitasking mom solves her problem and gets back in the driver's seat as the subject hits the road. We follow him to his first stop, the local gym.

"This is one thing on the naughty list," she said. "This should be on his own time, not company time."

On the move again, they tail the subject to his bank and a grocery store. A quick car wash, and then the golf course.

After all those errands, the subject goes to the gas station to fuel up.

"We got the goods - yeah the client thinks he got enough so we're done," Allen said.

The moms say their best cover is no cover at all.

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