Voters head to polls in Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach, SC - SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Three seats are up for grabs in Tuesday's Surfside Beach Town Council election.

Those elected will serve four year terms and be sworn in next month. Voters have seen signs posted around town for the past month, but will the signs result in a large turnout?

"I don't usually vote, I'm just not that interested in the politics and stuff," said Brad Waar, a Surfside Beach resident.

Waar said he doens't plan on making it out to the polls, but does have an idea on something that could be improved within his community - a higher presence of police.

"Surfside Beach could use some more police. I see a lot of cars that are empty," said Waar.

Others said that voter turnout could be low.

"I've spoken to many people in my community and they're not even interesed in going out to vote," Elinor Serra said. "It's too bad because they're going to be the ones who complain."

Serra, who has lived in Surfside Beach for the past 25 years, said she's still contemplating who she'll vote for.

"I'll have to look at the paper again and try to decide," she said.

According to Surfside Beach Town Clerk Sharon Pinnell, two precincts will open at 7 a.m. Tuesday. Precinct No. 2 is located at the United Methodist Church and precinct No. 1 is located at the Civic Center behind the Surfside Beach Town Hall.

Precincts are designated by location of resident to the precinct. The precinct will be listed on voter registration cards.

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